Tips & Tricks

Here are some instant and handy tips & tricks which we can all follow to de-clutter our surrounding spaces and keep the environment clean with the supreme quality Beeta Tissues.

Cleaning & Organising
Easy Clean Stain Removals

Food splatters while cooking, unclean stove top, or the kitchen stand spatter are quite common when one cooks. These stains if not cleaned at the right time, can be strenuous to get rid off. Here's an easy cleaning tip: Take a few tissues from the Beeta Kitchen roll, swipe the unclean tough stains with some soap spray and have a shiny sparkling kitchen in no time!

Clean Eyeglasses

We all know it’s a task to keep your pair of spectacles spic and span for clear visibility. Also, several times cleaning them with anything at your disposal, can cause scratches on your glasses. Here, Beeta tissues come to rescue. Take out a soft tissue from the box, clean your glasses with the solution and tissue. You see cleaner glasses than ever.

Instant Office Luncheons

Office luncheons or pot luck lunches are quite popular across organisations. We know there’s some amount of food which will splatter across the dining table while everyone eats. Worry not. Reach out for a Beeta Tissue Paper and wipe your desk clean.

Car Cleaning

To keep your car spick and span, you can use our range of paper tissues by slightly moistening the surface you want to clean and then wiping it off using Beeta tissue rolls. You’ll have a shining new car again, trust us!

With a wide range of tissue products, Beeta not only excels in the quality aspect, but also stands out for its eye-pleasing packaging.

Beauty Tips
Say NO to Oily Skin

Oily skin can be a pain to deal with. To avoid appearing greasy and oily, you just need to take out a fragrant face tissue from our pack and dab it on your face so it soaks up the excess oil. Once you are done you are ready to rock and roll again.

Cold and Running Nose

Allergies and cold are the most difficult things to deal with. Especially if you have a running nose. Research has proved, using tissues is a hygienic alternative than blowing your nose in a handkerchief. So reach out for a Beeta tissue when you have bad cold next time.

Make-Up Removal

All women out there need to doll up for several occasions today. But the most tedious job is to clean the tough make-up post the party. What do you do? You just take a few facial tissues from the Beeta tissue box, get some cleansing milk on it and clean off the make-up with ease.